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Lute FP Not being familiar with the UK Crust scene, I had no idea what to expect here. Comes across as a fusion of death, thrash, and hardcore, but never leaning too heavily on one genre. The production is clean, the rhythms trend toward the slower side of things, and the songwriting is exceptional for the style. If you like heavy music you should check this out. Thumbs up!
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Eli Don't let this one slip by you. It's kinda like if Herder's S/T played Bolt Thrower's In Battle... Favorite track: Violent Revolution.
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Stench crust the way it was meant to be played!

The UK crust scene of the 1980's inspired band after band but no other band has ever reincarnated the sound of that time as well as SWORDWIELDER. Quite simply if you like crust, then this the album you have waited decades for.

Review by Craig Hayes from "Your Last Rites"...
Swordwielder – System Overlord
Heavyweight punk fanatics take note: System Overlord is a fucking triumph. The long-awaited sophomore album from Gothenburg stenchcore band Swordwielder is a brooding behemoth, constructed from the filthiest and heftiest strains of punk and metal. System Overlord shimmers with apocalyptic visions, and it’s overflowing with all the grim atmospherics and intimidating intensity that defines consummate crushing crust.

Too much hype? No way… And no apologies, either. Swordwielder deal in definitive stenchcore on System Overlord, and much like their full-length debut, 2013’s Grim Visions of Battle, the band’s latest release is a knockout. Swordwielder’s harsh, gruff and dark sound owes a significant debt to old school icons like Amebix, Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, and Antisect, and they mix and mangle their influences and leave ’em to rot on the battlefield.

Plenty of hammering rage drives System Overlord tracks like “Violent Revolution,” “Savage Execution” and “Cyborgs,” and thundering epics like “Corrupt Future” and “Northern Lights” exhibit subtler strengths, mixing guttural growls and clean vocals with crashing percussion and dirge-laden riffs. Connoisseurs of corpse-dragging crust will love the brute-force belligerence of “Absolute Fear,” “Nuclear Winter,” and “Second Attack,” which rain down like merciless mortar barrages. As a rule, all of System Overlord‘s mammoth tracks chug and churn with grinding muscle, while reeking of squalor and decay.

Swordwielder exudes tightly coiled aggression from start to finish here—songs rise from the ashes of desolation, and resounding calls for action and resistance ring loud. If you’re a fan of heavy-hitters like Fatum, War//Plague, Carnage, Zygome, Cancer Spreading or (insert your favorite hefty crust crew here), System Overlord‘s trampling tempo and strapping sound are bound to appeal.

European press on SCREAM records.


released August 1, 2019


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PROFANE EXISTENCE Huntington, West Virginia

Profane Existence is an international DIY punk label, zine and blog, sporadically active since 1989.

Check out -www.profanexistence.com

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Track Name: Violent Revolution
Violent Revolution

I believe in the violent revolution
I believe in the final war
I believe in the total destruction
Of what once were
I believe the only solution
Is the one with blood on its hands
I believe their reign of power
Must come to an end

The system was never built to last
Just an excuse for their hungry claws
Now we reap what they have sown
The ones that sucked the land dry
And left us with their defection
Our children, will they stand a chance?
This is the act of a traitor
This is the work of the enemy

I believe in the violent revolution
I believe in the final war
I believe in the total destruction
Of what once were
I believe the only solution
Is the one with blood on its hands
I believe their reign of power
Must come to an end

In the end its only our self
Who can stop this mad aggression
To slit their throat and reclaim the land
In the quest for equality
Armed with swords of justice
Total freedom can prevail

Castles in ruins - Heads must roll
For a new horizon -Where life can exist

We Will End Power

This combat has even yet begun
Even though overwhelming numbers
Its just a matter of time before
The exploited masses rises
To reclaim what has been stolen
To transform the rotten system
An attack with brutal force
Will destroy corrupted minds

We Will End Power

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